Zintegrowany System Zarządzania


Having in mind the expectations of our clients, who would like to be able to verify the quality of services provided by our company, and the level of security that we provide to the information entrusted to us, in 2004 we implemented the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and in 2010 we extended it with the Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO / IEC 27001. 
Both systems function in our organization as the Integrated Quality Management and Information Security System in the area of:

  • Providing IT services and maintenance.  
  • sale, assembly and implementation of computer hardware and IT systems,
  • creation, development and sale of software.

Such integrated systems, which have been operating continuously in our company for many years, have contributed to better work organization, clear definition of our employees’ tasks, competences, responsibilities and their readiness to meet customer requirements.



We know that functionality is the essence of the IT industry. We specialize in providing tailored solutions that enable clients to achieve their goals. Our employees are the greatest value of our company. It is thanks to their expertise and passion that we can turn complex issues into user-friendly tools.
The success of our company is a combination of openness, flexibility, bravery and creativity. 


We aim to be the most valued IT technology company in Poland, honestly built on passion and knowledge.

PRIME VALUES:Product portfolio: we want to offer high-quality brands that we are certain of.
People: We want to be a friendly workplace that inspires people to make the best of their potential.
Partners: we want to build lasting values ​​by constantly developing, improving and maintaining a proven network of customers and suppliers. 
Efficiency: We want to be a highly flexible, effective and fast growing organization.
Profit: we want to maximize long-term profit so that no one in our organization has to worry about their future.
Environment: we want to be a responsible company, committed to supporting local communities.
Quality: we constantly strive to provide comprehensive IT services and products that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients
Information security: we treat information as one of the key elements of our system ensuring its continuity, integrity and availability.

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Management Board Representative for the Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System    
Adrian Godlewski
mobile. 601 872088
fax. 91 3 1234 61
e-mail: adrian.godlewski (at) xcomp.pl