Microsoft is an international technology company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. They are famous as the manufacturer of MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as the Microsoft Office suite. Through numerous training sessions, certifications and deployments, XCOMP engineers have earned the title of Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner. We still focus on improving our qualifications and staying on top of the solutions supplied by this software market leader.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an international corporation that emerged in 2015 from the division of Hewlett-Packard. HPE supplies high-quality products and support services. It is one of the leading manufacturers of servers, mass storage devices, wired and wireless networks, convergent systems, software, services and cloud for companies. We are one of the largest HPE partners in Szczecin. Our offer covers the comprehensive range of HPE products. Our commitment to sales, as well as the skills and knowledge of our employees, were rewarded by HPE with the title of their Gold Partner.


A US corporation, founded in 2000 by the brothers Ken and Machael Xie. Fortinet is the leading supplier of highly efficient IT security solutions, allowing its clients to protect and control their infrastructure. Fortinet offers multifunctional firewalls integrated within a single device – UTM (Unified Threat Management). Fortinet awarded the XCOMP security engineers with a recognition award for the most independent national deployments. We hold the Fortinet Technology certification and Platinum Partner status.


Huawei established its first European office in the year 2000. Since then, is has been growing fast, constantly investing in the local markets. Huawei Europe is a professional team of over 3000 people. Currently, Huawei supplies solutions for one-third of the world’s population, deployed in 140 countries in the world. We have twice received the “Best Partner” award from Huawei.

Aruba Networks (HPE)

Aruba is the second largest manufacturer of WLAN equipment for corporate use. Aruba’s offer includes:

  • access points (APs),
  • access points controllers (mobility controllers),
  • controller software: for managing, implementing security functions, VoIP management etc.,
  • software supporting WiFi network designing.

Dell Technologies

Dell EMC (EMC Corporation until 2016) is a multinational US company based in Hopkinton (Massachusetts) in the United States of America. It manufactures computer data management and storage systems. This company’s disk arrays are frequently recommended and used by our technicians, who may assist you in choosing the solution best suited to your needs. The company manufactures computer software: starting with computers and laptops, through peripherals such as printers, right up to servers. This company’s solutions have been thoroughly tested and frequently recommended by XCOMP.


One of the oldest and largest IT companies in the world, offering software and IT hardware, as well as consulting services. Has branch offices in 170 countries. IBM designed numerous key technologies applied in IT, including the Winchester hard disk drive, cursor and floppy disk. IBM created the AIX, OS/2 and PC-DOS operating systems, as well as numerous computer standards, e.g. MCA, PS/2 keyboard and mouse port, as well as VGA port.

HP Ink.

HP Inc. offers, among others, personal computers and mobile terminals, as well as printing devices.


VMware is the global virtualization solutions leader when it comes to office computers used in data processing centers. These solutions allow a company of any size to reduce their operational and capital spending, ensure business continuity, improve security mechanisms and contribute to environmental protection. XCOMP engineers boast the largest number of deployments in our voivodship and will be happy to answer your questions.


An IT security sector company, whose mission is to create solutions supporting companies and institutions in their fight against abuse from privileged accounts.


Modern data security solutions are the main area of expertise for Veeam. The company policy assumes continuous delivery and refinement of solutions that guarantee IT specialists security for the data they collect. Building a reputation and partner network throughout the world, as well as introducing innovative and practical solutions, clearly signals Veeam’s strong market position. XCOMP participates in the partner program, holding the Gold ProPartner status. Veeam awarded us with the title “Fastest growing Partner in 2017”.


Cisco is a world leader in Internet network technologies. Cisco hardware, software and services are used for building web solutions that allow both individual users, companies and entire countries to improve their efficiency, client experience and drive competitiveness. Cisco considers innovations to be the key factor for productivity growth. It builds innovative solutions using both its own potential and by acquiring other technology companies.


The Eaton range of power quality products includes a comprehensive set of power management solutions, including uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units, surge protectors, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, software, power factor correction, air flow management, racks and services. Eaton constantly and successfully strives to innovate the technology behind each of its products by developing a new generation of solutions.


For four decades APC (American Power Conversion Corporation, established in 1981) has been setting the standards for reliable power supply and physical IT infrastructure. Today APC is a highly regarded brand in IT departments of both large and small companies and among its sales partners. As of 14 February 2007, APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, an international group with an European background, specializing in power management and automation.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage is a US storage manufacturer, focusing on corporate mass storage devices using flash technology. One of the fastest growing IT companies in history, offering its clients fast deployment of a next-gen technology. Pure Storage products allow to accelerate I/O intensive processes, e.g. connected with server and desktop virtualization (VDI), databases and cloud processing. This allows the company to expand the scope of its operations, at the same time taking into account the existing computing power and storage space.

Commvault Be Ready

Commvault is a leading backup software supplier for the entire IT environment. Irrespective of where the data is, the client has access to everything through the commvault Backup & Recovery interface. This solution allows the Client to avoid costly data loss scenarios, segregated data silos or costly data recovery SLAs, not to mention ineffective scalability.

Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli manufacturer of cybersecurity software. A pioneer of the stateful inspection technology, which was behind its first product, FireWall-1, and soon thereafter one of its first VPN products in the world, VPN-1. Their portfolio covers various forms of networks, workstations, cloud solutions, mobile devices and data security. Check Point currently focuses on Gen-V cybersecurity. The fifth generation is defined as frequent, fast and multi-vector attacks in mobile, cloud and local networks, easily bypassing the conventional, static security measures currently in use by most organizations. In 2019 Xcomp was nominated to be a 2-star partner.


Armis is a world leader in monitoring and protecting OT industrial networks, unmanaged devices and IoT devices, as well as medical devices. The agentless Armis platform detects devices within the network and outside of the network, allowing for unlimited identification of new threats and for security protection meeting the modern standards.