Consultancy and advice 

For almost 20 years, XCOMP has been offering consulting services for its clients in a very broad spectrum of activities. Depending on your needs, we are able to take care of either the entire IT infrastructure in your organization, or just a part of it. The range of services offered in this area includes: backup, server infrastructure, LAN network infrastructure, WLAN, backup power systems, VMware infrastructure, operating systems, monitoring of security incidents, anti-virus protection and Internet security

In addition to data protection, we also have the option of data recovery in case of loss. This includes the recovery of data from damaged devices in case of both logical damage (in the data structure) and physical damage.



If your data starts to disappear from your computer, or the device on which you stored something important has been damaged, do not panic. All is not yet lost. We are able to recover and secure your data. If you have fallen victim to a computer virus or your computer's persistent memory has become physically damaged, we can help you.

Depending on your needs, we offer:

  • Recovering lost data

  • Pre-implementation services - Audits, Projects

  • Installation services - Implementations, Configurations

  • Post-implementation services - Care, Supervision agreement, As-built documentation, Service,

  • Training courses and workshops - Proprietary training, Training workshops


Outsourcing and cooperation

Nowadays, in order to be competitive and exist on the market, every larger company, must have its own IT infrastructure. It is better to focus on the company’s main business activity and the development of your given industry while entrusting IT issues to a company with experience and specialists in the IT industry. The organization has greater financial flexibility due to the reduction of fixed costs and has the ability to better manage its side projects.



Rapid technological changes are associated with the need to increase modern companies' expenditure on the development of IT infrastructure. Outsourcing maintenance, allows for planning, and reducing company’s costs by 30%. It also ensures high quality of ongoing IT infrastructure services.

In addition to outsourcing, we offer you our intellectual potential and experience - do you have a client and do not have sufficient technical capability? Contact us. Our engineers are going to be able to handle almost any implementation in the area of backup, virtualization and security, as evidenced by the list of satisfied customers, a rich reference list and the number of certificates obtained.

If you have a detailed inquiry for help or consultation, please contact our company: CONTACT