Storage, i.e. mass storage devices are systems related to the collection, storage and security of data. We offer our clients only proven solutions provided by global leaders of a given technology field and by our many years of experience. We approach each client individually and, based on specific needs, we select solutions that meet their expectations. Our proposals includes a comprehensive approach, i.e. design and consulting, later sales and implementation of the proposed solutions along with training and documentation.



One of our great values is a team of experienced and certified engineers in the field of mass storage devices, 20 years of experience on the market, and a huge number of implementations for clients from various sectors.

Xcomp offer in the area of  data storage most importantly includes: 

  • Mass storage - disk arrays,  
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems,
  • tape devices (tape libraries),
  • central backup systems,
  • data deduplication (hardware duplicators),
  • SAN (FC, iSCSI) networks,
  • design and construction of matrix clusters, the so-called distributed data centre. 
  • Systems of high availability and Disaster Recovery procedures,
  • data archiving,

For us, creating backups is not only about protecting data against loss. We design comprehensive solutions related to data collection, storage and protection. We advise on:

  • selection of devices and software for data collection in DAS, SAN, NAS topologies,
  • selection of hardware and software used for making backups
  • virtualization projects
  • creating security assurances and security policies in the company
  • continuous data backup (HA) in 24x7 mode
  • designing long-term archiving of files, e-mail and other applications


Manufacturers with whom we most often cooperate when creating storage systems for our clients include: HPE, DellEMC,, Huawei, IBM, Quantum.


If you have any questions regarding mass storage devices and data protection or if you require a proper offer presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.